Aluminium Seamless Guttering

Aluminium Seamless Guttering is a more cost effective and durable alternative to traditional uPVC guttering.  The raw product comes in a coil which is loaded into the guttering machine and fed through it so it can be shaped.  The coil is already powder coated on both sides.  It can then be run out as long as is needed, eliminating the need for joints (apart from corners).  uPVC guttering only comes in 4m lengths and so usually needs joints.  When the uPVC guttering expands and contracts due to variable temperatures, this weakens the joints and can cause leaks.


Aluminium Seamless Guttering comes in two different weights.  Medium guage is 0.7mm and a heavier guage which is 0.9mm.  The 0.9 guage is recommended if you are using a ladder to gain access to your roof, but both weights will withstand heavy snowfall.  The guttering itself is fixed every 450 mm with a solid extruded hanger and nailed through with a stainless steel nail.  For Large buildings such as schools, churches or whatever it may be, there is also a 6" seamless gutter.

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